The Power of Silence

On the power of silence, I have many praises to sing. I believe my most creative moments are incubated in silence. It helps my mind to focus, and my inner artist to be heard.

When I spend time in silence, I relax. I hear the outside world in ways that I wouldn’t hear otherwise. The sounds of the day are interesting, but also become a sort of background noise that reminds me the day is moving along, and so I must also move with it.

The reason silence is so powerful is that I notice what thoughts I am actually having, instead of being on automatic pilot. I am aware and observant of these thoughts, and I can change them.

I say to myself, in the space of this silence: What are my thoughts about? Do I like what I am thinking? Is it lifting my energy or draining it? Don’t like it? Have another thought. Try this one on for size. What about that one? Ooh, I have had this thought many times, now. Is it worth keeping?

Or, I can also decide just to allow my thoughts to be heard through the silence. Not judging, not trying to stop the stream, but instead allowing the thoughts to ebb and flow.

Then I start getting ideas on what I’d like to write, what stories I’d like to tell. I can even hear music in my head, or poetry. Or no thoughts at all, a sort of emptying out.

Silence is also a powerful tool when faced with other people who are doing all the talking and are convinced that everything they say is correct and irrefutable. Like offering their opinions as if they are facts. I feel that much of the time it’s best to maintain silence when faced with a person who is just talking on and on, with barely a moment to breathe, because that person in front of me wants to feel heard and acknowledged. I know silence is the most powerful tool I can use to help that person to resolve their state and to feel better.

Silence is an indispensable healing tool when working with people who need to stop themselves from getting upset or saying things that they may later regret. It is hard to have an argument when the other half of the party remains silent. Silence allows the space for course correction.

It’s a beautiful thing to have the mighty and powerful silence in my bag of tricks. It can be heavy, or it can be light. It is infinite, and yet it’s infinitesimally small. And it is always available to everyone, anywhere and anytime… Silence is golden.


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